Weekly Rates

Please note all bookings are weekly and start on a FRIDAY. When browsing for availability please select Friday as your start day and the number of days as 7, thank you.


17th September -  29th October £1,225

29th October – 17th December £700

       17th December - 7th January £1,225


7th January - 1st April £700

1st April - 27th May - £1,225

27th May  – 16th September £1,400

16th September -  28th October £1,225

29th October – 17th December £700

17th December - 7th January £1,225

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Terms and conditions

  1. Due to a shortage of cleaning staff in the area changeover will be on a Friday.
  2. The tenant must vacate the property before 10am on the date of the termination of the let.
  3. Entry to the property is from 4pm.
  4. Full payment is made at time of booking.
  5. On cancellation of the rental by the tenant, the rental price will not be refunded. Without prejudice to the aforesaid, the proprietor undertakes to make every reasonable effort to secure a replacement tenant for the period affected by the cancellation. If the propriety is successful in this respect and no loss is incurred due to the cancellation, the full rental will be repaid to the tenant. The tenant is strongly advised to insure against the possibility of cancellation, such insurance being available from a variety of insurers.
  6. The tenant is responsible for all breakages in or on, and all loss and damage to, the premises during his/her occupancy.
  7. Pets may not be brought onto the premises and smoking is forbidden in the house.
  8. The purpose of this lease is to confer on the Tenant, the right to occupy the dwelling house for a holiday and for no other purpose and the letting is accordingly under section 2(1) (d) of the Rent (Scotland) Act 1984.